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Alameda County, Public Health Department -
Nutrition Services
Research, Ad Campaign, Marketing Planning
Alameda County's Department of Public Health, Nutrition Services wanted to develop a pilot campaign to encourage healthier living in San Leandro's Ashland neighborhood. AMS worked with the county's existing research to develop campaign concepts, slogans and conduct testing in the community with parents and youth. The final campaign "Do What Moves You" promotes physical activity and includes custom photography, posters, a success story video of an Ashland resident, a social media campaign, a website page with resources, and a marketing plan with outreach tactics in partnership with local community organizations. The community has fully embraced the campaign and it has inspired new community-based fitness initiatives.  Due to its success, Alameda County plans to expand the campaign into new areas in 2019.
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Students Rising Above
Research, messaging, brand identity and marketing plan
Irvine Foundation brought in Alameda Marketing Solutions to help their grantee Students Rising Above (SRA), a college access nonprofit, improve their marketing and branding efforts. SRA wanted to develop their storytelling and integrate their two programs into one strong core message and have greater cohesive across their outreach.  AMS conducted 12 stakeholder interviews, an internal brand workshop, and analysis of 5 similar organizations in order to develop targeted brand and marketing strategies, as well as compelling messaging and storytelling content. As a result, Students Rising Above has an engaging brand narrative they can use in all their organization’s materials, as well as new website copy; a 1-year marketing plan with practical strategies and tactics; and a new logo.        
Communitas Consulting
Messaging, website and marketing research
Created new brand messaging and website content for a consulting firm serving nonprofits and government entities to explain what they do in a clear and concise way and appeal to larger national clients. Advised on the look of the new website. Interviewed their clients to inform the messaging and a new service offering. Conducted a competitor analysis and researched blog and conference opportunities to raise awareness.
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Shane Safir, The Listening Leader
Messaging, website and marketing plan
Shane Safir is an educational leadership coach and consultant and was releasing her first book, The Listening Leader.  Helped her develop a new website and logo design, new brand messaging that clearly communicated the benefits of this new modality, and a marketing plan to promote the book and her thought-leadership.
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Progressive Asset Management
Messaging, website, print marketing
Created new brand messaging for a financial advisor to appeal to a broader audience and better represent the full range of products and services they offer.  Oversaw the development of their new website and print materials to reflect the new branding.
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Anna Pinkerton's Kindness Incorporated

Branding, messaging, website, creative
​​Created branding, messaging and website for the therapist, author and coach Anna Pinkerton's new enterprise Kindness Incorporated. This included a new name, logo, creating the brand story/messaging and website content, and establishing the design direction.
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12 Disney/Pixar Global Film Campaigns
Strategy, creative production and brand management
Developed and implemented marketing strategies for 12 award-winning global Pixar film campaigns.  Collaborated on messaging and positioning for the films with Disney marketing. Oversaw creative production for all print advertising, online marketing, presentations, and video production. Managed the Pixar brand across the different Disney divisions including home entertainment, theme parks, consumer products, live entertainment and promotions.
Monsters University Website
Concept and creative oversight
Shaped the concept and oversaw the production of content for Pixar’s Monsters University website, which appeared like a real university website. This significantly increased interest in the movie with the target audience of university students and adults, and there was a jump in social media activity, with over 300 tweets on launch day.  It also sparked more “real” university marketing initiatives, given its success.
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REDF Messaging & Marketing Materials 
New messaging, website, print, and campaign
Generated REDF’s new messaging and improved the brand storytelling, making it more understandable and compelling, which resulted in greater interest and support. This included a new website, new campaign, and marketing materials. The website increased engagement and time spent visiting the site went up 40% and the number of pages visited went up 86% in the first 6 months. It won the Interactive Media Best in Class Award.
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REDF Jobs Study
Marketing strategy and creative materials 
In 2014 REDF released a first-of-its-kind jobs report on the impact of creating jobs in social enterprises for people facing barriers to work. Developed messaging guidelines for all spokespeople, and strategy to promote the report in publicity, online marketing, emails and webinars. Co-wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed from George Roberts. Produced marketing materials to present the report's complex data in a simple and engaging way with infographics and videos.  Worked closely with US government and evaluation stakeholders on its release.
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Increasing Awareness of REDF
Social media strategy and content marketing
Highlighted REDF’s position as a thought-leader in its field and grew its audience through social media and content marketing.  Social media strategy resulted in a 200% increase in organizational Facebook Likes and 36% increase in Twitter followers in one year. Blogs and blog series, publishing 1 per week, culminated in nearly 30,000 unique blog visits in one year and expanded awareness by engaging guest bloggers and their networks.    
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Impact Recyclers
Branding, messaging strategy and creative 
REDF's partner Impact Recyclers, a national network of e-waste recyclers, needed a logo, website, collateral and messaging to promote their new venture. Collaborated with REDF's Programs team and the network to generate all B2C and B2B marketing materials and content.
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