Private Sector

Social Sector

AMS is committed to bringing high-quality and effective marketing strategies to small service businesses to help them excel and meet their objectives. This includes creating a stand-out brand that connects to your customers and clients in a meaningful way and builds loyalty to create and sustain demand for your services to drive profitability. 
In the nonprofit sector, many of the principles of marketing and branding are the same, but what these can do for your organization and the intended outcomes are different.  For the social sector, it is about mission-focused branding, clear messaging to position your cause for success, and developing a brand to drive trust, partnerships and greater fundraising support.
    To meet your unique needs and objectives, Leeann will partner with you to develop customized services to help you get the results you want.
Today a brand represents more than a name or logo, the real power of a brand is creating a relationship with your customers or supporters to foster loyalty and trust. With experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors, Leeann can seamlessly transition between either environment to tailor your branding strategy to meet your specific goals.

•  Brand Story Development
•  Positioning with Competitor Analysis and Market Research
•  Brand Management Strategies
•  Identity Consultation (Logos and Visual Brand Style Guides)


With 20 years of experience producing effective strategies and high-quality advertising materials, Leeann can elevate your marketing content to deliver results. 
•  Marketing Strategy and Planning
•  Marketing Assessments and Recommendations
•  Multifaceted Campaign Development
•  Consultation on Marketing Creative and Content
•  Digital Marketing
•  Presentations or Pitching Materials

Leeann creates clear and engaging messaging and communications strategies targeted to your audience that can be executed internally and externally across all your marketing platforms.
•  Core Messaging and Implementation Strategies 
•  Market Segmentation and Targeted Messaging
•  Internal Stakeholder Engagement