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Providing customized solutions to achieve your marketing goals
It’s all about your story...let me help you tell it
In today’s fast-paced work environment, are you too busy running the show to think about the best ways to market your business services or cause?  Is it difficult to step back and express exactly what makes your business or organization unique? Or do you need help developing a targeted marketing plan?
This is where Alameda Marketing Solutions (AMS) can help. 
Leeann Alameda has a passion for storytelling and will transform your vision into results. She will partner with you to deliver customized solutions, scaling a plan to the size and scope of your organization.  She brings a multifaceted approach to marketing, with great ideas and creative problem-solving.  The depth and breadth of her background allow Leeann to bring a personal touch to larger campaigns, and professional expertise to smaller organizations. 
Leeann has 20 of years experience in both the private sector, including Pixar Animation Studios as Head of Marketing Creative Services and in the social sector, as a nonprofit Communications Director.  She innately understands what is unique to each field, and is positioned to enhance your marketing efforts in either environment.  

  1. Branding
    In today's competitive climate, it's important to have a stand-out brand that connects with your audience. Leeann will work with you to get to the essence of your brand and find the best ways to amplify that across all of your marketing initiatives.
  2. Communications
    Having a clear, compelling and consistent message about your services or mission is key to generating greater sales or more support. With your vision and know-how, Leeann can develop a strong communications strategy that will create the growth you want.
  3. Marketing
    Whether you want a multifaceted and targeted campaign, an engaging new website, or strong marketing materials, Leeann can help you elevate your marketing and deliver high-quality content.


"Leeann did a fantastic job creating brand copy and a website design. She is a great writer, pulling out insights from documents and discussions and reframing them in creative ways. We also appreciated her clarity along the way about sequencing and the inter-relatedness of different products - such as blogs, conferences, and articles." - Communitas Consulting

"Leeann did a terrific job in managing a fractured staff and was able to listen to our needs and quickly create the organization and structure our team needed. She was willing to roll up her sleeves and support however we needed her to. She was a great thought partner and it was very easy to understand and execute on her deliverables."  - Making Waves Foundation
“Leeann's breadth and depth of experience helped our organization establish a strong foundation for our marketing and communication efforts going forward. She is extremely knowledgeable and provided valuable insight to help our team with concrete action items to improve our efforts.”  ­– Students Rising Above    
“Leeann is a powerhouse talent in the area of communications. She is one of the rare people who is multilingual in knowing how to effectively tell the story of business and the social sector - and how the two relate. She took REDF's communications to a whole new level of clarity and connected us to a much broader audience.”  Carla Javits, REDF President & CEO
"Leeann helped us create a really focused and targeted marketing messaging, including a fantastic, appealing tagline, for our fundraising bicycle ride. She helped us identify appropriate media to use, and created a clear strategy and really appealing messaging for reaching our target audience. With her great strategy and messaging, we were able to double our ridership! "  Jenn Guitart, 
California Bicycle Coalition
“Leeann supported me with branding for my website, including messaging and copy, design, and general hand-holding. She is capable, thorough, diligent, smart, and is great with follow through. I highly recommend working with Leeann for all of your marketing needs!" - Wanda Dabkoska, Chinese Medicine